ARQ3 S.L.P. is an architecture firm which was founded in 1969 by three partners. Nowadays there are two senior architects, two junior architects and one junior public works engineer in the firm, thus combining the know-how achieved through experience with the modernity brought by young professionals. The result of this combination is a competitive group, which is adapted to new technologies and the new way to understand society and architecture.
ARQ3 S.L.P. is an associate member of GBCe (Green Building Council Espanya), an organisation which works to promote sustainable buildings, certifying them with its GBCe GREEN TOOL.
One of the actual partners is a consultant who has been accredited by this organisation.
Urban planning together with sustainable buildings are our major projects. ARQ3 works on projects from the initial planning stage until project management.
We study both the economic and architectural feasibility of urban projects, we carry out urban planning and building projects both with and without industrial coordination, cost control, project planning and management both to private and public companies (such as planning permission, building permits, etc.), all controlled by ARQ3 S.L.P.
In addition, ARQ3 S.L.P. also provides environmental advice during the project and a possible final assessment along with GBC GREEN SEAL certification.